MORE Pressure Fryer

Electric Pressure Fryer With Mechanical Panel

The fried chicken pressure fryer has the advantages of small volume, large capacity, convenient operation, high efficiency, power saving, general lighting power, environmental protection and safety. In addition to the performance devices of other pressure cookers, it also has an explosion-proof and non-explosive device. It uses a supporting device of an elastic beam. When the domestic pressure is overpressure when the working valve is blocked, the elastic beam will automatically pop up, effectively avoiding the excessive pressure.


Product Features

Low temperature and high pressure make food fresh.

mechanical panel, easy to operate.

Quad explosion protection, safe and reliable.

16L large capacity to meet the needs of multiple servings.

energy saving and environmental protection.

The external heating of the pan makes the tem. rise fast.

Product Parameters


Electric Pressure Fryer With Mechanical Panel

Pressure Fryer Makes Food Fresh

Rated Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz

Rated power: 3kw

Tem. Range: 20-200℃

working pressure: 8Psi

Product size:520×397×500mm

N. W.: 21kg

Capacity: 16L

Package size:540x430x500mm

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