Countertop Pressure Fryer, Electric Fried Chicken Pressure Fryer(LCD Panel)

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Electric Pressure Fryer With LCD Panel and Oil Filter System

The overall body is made of stainless steel, computer panel control, simple operation, automatic temperature control and pressure control. Using the principle of low temperature and high pressure, the fried food is crispy and tender, and the color is bright. It has the characteristics of simple operation, no pollution, convenient use, high efficiency and durability.It is the latest food processing machinery and equipment.


Product Features

All stainless steel body for easy cleaning

Aluminum lid for easy switching

Built-in automatic filtering system,

Easy to move and target

LCD control panel, very accurate

Ten storage keys, very convenient

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Product Parameters


Electric Pressure Fryer With LCD Panel and Oil Filter System

Low Temperature And High Pressure

Rated voltage: ~3N380V/50Hz (~3N220V/60Hz)

Rated power: 13.5kw

Temperature range: 20-200 ° C

Dimension: 960*460*1230mm

Package size: 1030*510*1300mm

Capacity: 24L

Net weight: 135kg

Gross weight: 155kg

Packig size:1030x510x1300mm

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