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Bakery Rotary Diesel Oven 32 Trays Oven With Bottom Trolley

The 32 trays hot-air rotary oven is divided into three types: electric heating type, fuel type and gas type. There are two ways of hooking and bottom rotation. This product uses diesel as heating energy, and is widely used in food factories, supermarkets, bakeries, institutions, canteens and other places. It is also suitable for individual food processing and food baking places.


Product Features

Use the operation mode of the whole vehicle in and out, 32 trays per baking

Intelligent control, temperature, time and rotation system of the whole machine

Combustion system uses a coherent intelligent control method

Using high-density ultra-fine cotton with good thermal insulation properties

The insulation layer has a tight seal to minimize heat loss

Strong wind convection, good penetration, more uniform.

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Product Parameters


Bakery Rotary Diesel Oven 32 Trays Oven With Bottom Trolley

Intelligent Temperature Control, Professional Baking

Rated voltage: 3N~380V/50Hz

Burner power: 60,000 kcal

Fuel quantity: 2.5-3kg/h

Temperature range: room temperature -300 ° C

Energy:diesel oil

Frame: 32 discs * 1 = 32 discs

Net weight: 1300kg

Packig size:2060x1680x2100mm

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