Gas Rotary Oven For Baking Bread, Commercial Rack Range Oven Price

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Gas Ratory Rack Oven 12 Trays Bakery Oven

The gas convection oven can be used to bake various breads, cakes, poultry and others. It uses blast air to heat the air circulation, improve heat transfer efficiency, reduce heating time and save energy. It is widely used in the food halls of food factories, bakeries, institutions, units, and units. It is also suitable for food baking in individual food processing factories, cake houses, and western cake houses.


Product Features

Use gas or liquefied gas as heating energy and heat up quickly.

Set the air volume adjustment and humidification device at the exit.

The body is made of stainless steel and has excellent material.

built-in thermal protection device, safe and reliable.

Double-layer tempered glass door structure with built-in fluorescent light.

The insulation layer is made of high-temperature fine cotton.

Product Parameters


Gas Ratory Rack Oven 12 Trays Bakery Oven

Intelligent Temperature Control, Professional Baking

Production capacity: 45kg/h

Rated voltage: 3N~380V/50Hz

Energy: LPG or Gas

Temperature range: room temperature ~300 °C

Dimension: 1000x1530x1845mm

Bakeware size: 400 x600mm

Number of baking trays: 12 trays

Packig size:1050x1580x1925mm

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