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Electric Rotary Rack Oven 64 Trays Hot Air Oven

The YZD-200AD adopts a fixed structure as a whole, and (the detachable structure can also be used). The whole machine is made of stainless steel. The thickness of the facade and baking chamber is 1.0mm stainless steel. The movable grill (optional disassembly type) is convenient for transportation. It adopts the bottom bearing rotation and the forced air circulation of the blast air to shorten the heating time and save energy.


Product Features

Use the operation mode of the whole vehicle in and out, and bake 32 discs each time.

Imported burners save energy.

Intelligently control the overall temperature, time and rotation system.

The insulation layer is made of a material with good thermal insulation properties.

Strong wind convection, good penetration and more uniformity.

The jog system generates enough steam at any time based on process requirements.

Product Parameters


Electric Rotary Rack Oven 64 Trays Hot Air Oven

Zhejiang Yixi,High Quality

Rated voltage: 3N~380V /50Hz

Rated power: 64Kw

Temperature control range: 20~300°C

Dimension: 2500x2650 x2400mm

Bakeware size: 400 x600mm

Bakeware capacity: 64 Trays

Packig size:2300x3300x2500mm

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