Commercial Electric Rack Oven Baking, Restaurant Kitchen Oven For Sale

MORE CNIX Rotary Oven

12 Trays Electric Rotary Rack Oven Baking Oven

This electrothermal hot air circulation baking oven can be used to bake bread, cakes, poultry and a variety of pastry pasta. It is used in food factories, bakeries, institutions, units, canteens, as well as food baking in individual food processing plants, cake houses, and western cake houses. The large capacity of 12 discs can meet the production requirements of batch type. 4 wheel load-bearing for flexible movement and easy handling.


Product Features

Far infrared metal electric heating tube heating

Blast forced hot air circulation

The overheat protection device is automatically powered off

High temperature fine cotton made of thermal insulation

Main body made of 304 stainless steel

Product Parameters


12 Trays Electric Rotary Rack Oven Baking Oven

Computer Panel, Precise Temperature Control

Energy: electricity

Production capacity: 45kg/h

Rated voltage:~3N380V /50Hz

Rated power:19.8KW

Temperature range: room temperature~300°C


Bakeware size:400 x600mm

Net weight:300kg

Packig size:1050x1580x1925mm

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