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1.2m Warming Showcase

The 1.2m Warming Showcase not only keeps the food temperature, but also displays it. Its high-performance moisturizing design precisely controls the temperature and humidity to make the food evenly heated, brightly colored, and maintain a fresh and delicious taste for a long time. Beautiful appearance, energy saving design, low price, it is most suitable for small and medium-sized fast food restaurants and pastry bakeries.


Product Features

The structure is safe and reasonable, and the shape is beautiful

Heat-resistant plexiglass, strong perspective

Efficient moisturizing design to maintain the taste

Efficient insulation design, even heating

Infrared heat lamp, sterilized and hygienic

Hot air circulation design, energy efficient

Product Parameters


1.2m Warming Showcase

Luxurious Shape Design, Safe And Reasonable Structure

Product name: 1.2m warming showcase

Model: DBG-1200

Rated voltage: 3N-380V

Rated power: 2.5kw/h

Temperature range: 20°C-100°C

Dimension: 1200x780x780mm

Packig size:1260x800x950mm

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