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Double Cylinder Double Screen Flat Tube Heating Fryer

This commercial electric fryer series are made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable, not easy to rust, and has a beautiful appearance. Due to the advantages of the flat tube structure (flat type), the flat electric heating tube has good heat dissipation effect and better life. It is widely used in liquid heating, dry heating and other frying pans. It is suitable for restaurants, hotels and other food service establishments. The frying temperature can reach 200℃, and the frying speed is fast. This product has a large capacity and can fry a large amount of food at one time. The electric fryer also has a built-in filter system, which can be filtered multiple times, saving costs and sanitation. Add load-bearing wheels for easy movement.


Product Features

Flat electric heating tube, fast heat dissipation

Computer panel electronic temperature control.

52L large-capacity fried multi-item.

The heating flat tube heats up quickly.

The heating tube can be turned over and stand upright by itself for easy cleaning.

The stainless steel case is durable.

The surface temperature of the heating tube improves the stability of fried food.

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Product Parameters


Double Cylinder Double Screen Flat Tube Heating Fryer

Quality Fryer Reliable Manufacturer

Rated voltage: ~3N-380V /50Hz

Rated input power: 28KW

Temperature control range: 20℃-200℃

Dimensions: 400x780x1160mm

Capacity: 26L+26L

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