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3 Three Decks 6 Trays Electric Bread Baking Oven

YXD - F90B electric deck oven adopts hierarchical control structure, each layer of the bottom and surface fire can be controlled, thus special ideal baking quality, adopt radiation far infrared metal heating tube as the heating element, inside penetration objects with thermal radiation effect, fast heating.This product is mainly used for baking bread and bread, etc., it is the most ideal equipment for small and medium-sized cake factory (shop), industrial and mining enterprise and school canteen.


Product Features

The temperature can be adjusted from room temperature to 300 °C.

The overheat protection device can automatically disconnect the power.

Bracket, the use of the double structure of the bottom plate is greatly increased

Semi-automatic furnace door, flexible opening, tight closure

Mirror stainless steel, computer panel, easy to operate

Volcanic stone floor, evenly heated, increasing steam humidification

Product Parameters


3 Three Decks 6 Trays Electric Bread Baking Oven

Computer Temperature Control,Professional Baking

Rated voltage: 3N~380V/50Hz

Rated power: 18kW

Bakeware size: 400*600mm

Temperature range:room temperature-300 ° C

Trays: 3 layers 6 trays


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