MORE Open Fryer

Table-top Auto-lift Open Fryer

High-quality thermostat, with three kinds of shortcut menus, one-click directly to the desired frying mode, no need to reset each time. After frying, it rises automatically without manual intervention, making every cooking a treat. Double U-shaped bold upgrade heating tube, power up to 3000W, rapid and stable heating, uniform heating, high heat utilization rate, 304 stainless steel material has a longer service life than ordinary heating tube.


Product Features

computer panel, electronic temperature control.

Automatic lifting, saving time and effort.

8L large capacity to meet the needs of multiple servings.

energy saving and environmental protection.

High-power heating, rapid temperature increase.

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Product Parameters


Table-top Auto-lift Open Fryer

Auto-lift Fryer Saves More Time

RatedVoltage: 220V-240V/50Hz

Rated Power: 3kw

Tem. Range: room temp.-200℃

Product size:265×565×415mm

Inner pot:304 stainless steel

Capacity: 8L

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