Double Deep Fryer, Commercial Electric 2 Basket Deep Fryer For Sale

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Electric Double Deep Open Fryer With 2 Baskets

OFE-28A double-cylinder double-bowl electric fryer adopts independent temperature control structure of each cylinder. Each basket is placed in a basket, each of which is individually temperature-controlled and timed. It is suitable for simultaneously blowing different foods.The fryer is heated by electric heating, and the heater adopts a lifting and movable structure to facilitate cleaning of oil stains.


Product Features

Computer panel controller, beautiful and easy to operate

Stainless steel body, double cylinder and double basket, respectively timing

Shortcut storage function, timed and easy to use

Uplifting electric heating pipes for easy cleaning and improved efficiency

There is a thermal insulation layer to save energy and avoid injury.

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Product Parameters


Electric Double Deep Open Fryer With 2 Baskets

Computer Panel Precise Temperature Control Easy To Operate

Rated voltage: 3N~380V

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Rated power: 8.5kw + 8.5kw

Temperature control range: room temperature -200 ° C

Timing time range: 0-59 ‘59’ ‘


Capacity: 13L*2

Net weight: 78kg

Packig size:940x570x1130mm

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