Dual Tank Open Deep Fryer, Commercial Countertop Double Electric Fryer

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Dual Tank Deep Fryer Countertop Electric Fryer

OFE, OFG series fryer uses the existing computer board and computer LCD board to replace the original simple mechanical instrument control, which is easy to operate and convenient to control time and temperature. This series of products are made of stainless steel, which is simple and beautiful. The product has a large capacity and the temperature can reach 200 °C.


Product Features

Computer panel control, beautiful and easy to operate.

High-efficiency heating elements.

Shortcut key to store memory function, time constant temperature, easy to use.

Two-cylinder four-basket, two baskets are timed separately

With its own oil filter system, no additional oil filter truck is required.

The built-in thermal insulation layer saves energy and improves efficiency.

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Product Parameters


Dual Tank Deep Fryer Countertop Electric Fryer

Open Fryer,Intelligent Temperature Control,Large Capacity

Rated voltage:3N-400V/50Hz-60Hz

Rated input power: 13.5+13.5kw

Temperature range: room temperature ~200 °C

Dimension:882 x 949 x 1180mm

Capacity:25L x 2

Net weight: 185kg

Packig size:950x910x1230mm

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